Sascha Grewe/

The letter stools of Sascha Grewe and his label artcanbreakyourheart are coloured objects that set new highlights as stool seat, side table or as typographic furniture. The personal stools are completely made of MDF and can be varnished in 250 happy colours, optionally available in an open variant, as bookshelf or with drawer. Because of being done by hand a hundred per cent all 26 letters, figures and characters can be produced individually. Found4you shows the most common letters in its most popular colours. Sascha Grewe already received different prizes, among others also for the letter stools which were awarded the advancement award “Junge Kunst 2009” and the Prize of the City of Detmold 2011. After having been featured in the international design press the letter stool was presented at a typography exhibition in the Museum of the Printing Arts in Leipzig. Sascha Grewe is interior architect and works as a product designer as well as in the field of art, staying with the motto: kitsch can make you rich – but art can break your heart.

Sascha Grewe
Breslauerstrasse 24
33605 Bielefeld

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